First DDP workshop with external experts

From January 29-30, 2020, the first expert workshop of the DDP project took place at GESIS in Cologne. The goal of the event was to identify requirements for domain data protocols (DDP) formulated by the research community.

Within the workshop, previous considerations and early results were discussed with experts in research and research data management. After a general introduction to the topic, participants shared their experience regarding research data management in small groups and then identified the topics that, from their point of view, are of particular importance for the development of DDPs. Participants were generally interested in the development of domain data protocols and in standardized solutions for the systematic documentation of research data management activities in particular. They emphasized the need for concrete definitions of various aspects of research data management and suggested to specify these by developing handouts and examples. 

Participants furthermore identified adequate documentation of data, data protection, and copyright, as well as archiving data for re-use, as particularly important topics, especially for junior researchers. In addition to internal project management and communication, they considered research data management as an important part of good scientific practice, i.e. the replicability of data and transparency in the research process. In addition to the inclusion of the aforementioned topics, DDPs should therefore be characterized by easy-to-understand language and contain information on the established requirements, especially for researchers with little professional experience. 

During the project, the research community will be involved in the development of the DDPs, e.g. with additional expert interviews as well as other forms of evaluations.