Start of work package 5

In mid-2020, work package 5 on the costs of research data management began, and on August 12, 2020, the GESIS team of the DDP project held an expert discussion with colleagues from within the institute.

Participants included staff from data curation as well as those who have regular contact with data providers. The goal of the discussion was to identify cost-relevant factors in research data management. Some of the GESIS experts had previously been involved in an internal project on costs of preparing and documenting studies.

In the expert’s view, researchers often do not include enough time and resources for data management in their planning. They identified so-called cost drivers which include mixed-methods procedures, weights, a high number of variables, filter questions, and insufficiently labeled data.

With regard to the activities of the DDP project, the experts recommended focusing on the re-usability of research data in order to emphasize the importance of this field more strongly and thus create awareness for the topic among researchers.