Workshop with international experts in work package 5

On August 17, 2020, the DDP project hosted a virtual workshop in which Anja Perry and Anna Schwickerath discussed issues related to costing and determining costs of research data management activities with international experts.

First, the DDP project and early considerations regarding costs of research data management were presented. Following this introduction, participants presented their projects. The costing tool of Utrecht University in the Netherlands was explained by Felix Weijdema, who also presented corresponding services offered by the institution. At Utrecht University, researchers have the opportunity to make use of their colleagues’ expertise on a project-by-project basis. Annalisa Montesanti presented the Irish Health Research Board’s user guide on eligible costs in grant applications for FAIR data collection. Sarah Jones (GÉANT) also focused on the costs researchers can include in grant applications for research data management, introducing exemplary guidance from universities in the UK. Veerle van den Eynden (KU Leuven) and Libby Bishop (GESIS) presented the UKDA Data Management Costing Tool. They considered research data management an integral part of the research process; its costs should therefore be aligned with the activities undertaken to produce FAIR data.

In the concluding discussion, experts pointed out aspects that, in their view, are most significant for the determination of cost-relevant factors in the context of the DDP project. They furthermore suggested a high level of specificity of guidelines to be developed, which should enable researchers to apply them to their projects. Overall, work package 5 of the DDP project should therefore focus on practical examples that can be used to illustrate the provision of costs for research data management activities.