eScience Days 2021 – Workshop “Discipline-specific guidance on data management plans”

On the initiative of Ivonne Anders (DKRZ) and Daniela Hausen (RWTH), Sebastian Netscher and Anna Schwickerath (GESIS) were involved in the organisation of a workshop as part of the virtual eScience Days 2021 at Heidelberg University.

The goal of the workshop was to identify needs for and further develop discipline-specific guidance for research data management, which will be developed by the Research Data Alliance’s Discipline-specific Guidance for DMPs group. Various participants reported on their institutional approaches and templates or existing projects. Although a large part of the participants came from the field of natural science research, they nevertheless showed great interest in the DDP project, which was presented during the event.

Detailed results of the workshop will be further processed within the newly founded Working Group on Discipline-specific Guidance for DMPs of the Research Data Alliance and will also find their way into the development of the Domain Data Protocols.