DDP-Bildung at the IDCC 2021

On April 19th, Sebastian Netscher presented the Paper Domain-specific Data Management Plans and Cross-Disciplinary Interoperability at the IDCC-2021, to promote the project DDP-Bildung. Drafted by Sebastian Netscher, Anna Schwickerath, Anja Perry and Reiner Mauer, the paper examines the challenges of processing open data, following the FAIR Data Principles. Common guidance, such as templates for data management plans, which should support researchers in doing good data management quite often fail to do so. On the one hand most of such templates are too general. On the other hand, they mostly provide little information relevant for particular research domains. In order to overcome this challenges, Science Europe suggested developing domain data protocols, as intended by our project. DDPs are not limited to support RDM in a given research domain. Transferring existing DDPs to other domains and adopting them provides an opportunity to figure out differences as well as common practises in research data management across research domains. This is not only a matter of good data management or sharing data of high quality in a particular domain. It also fosters interoperability and re-usability of data across domains, as required by the FAIR Data Principles.