Blog post on the launch of the project website

In order to publicize the official launch of the project website and thus the project itself to a broader public, a short article was written for the GESIS blog and published on 13 July. The blog post focuses on three main points. After a short introduction, which rudimentarily touches on research practice in the context of research data and its publication, typical problems for researchers in publishing data are addressed. This is followed by a brief introduction to the project Domain Data Protocols for Educational Research, before concluding with a discussion of one of the most important aspects of producing DDPs, the research community.

The DDPs produced in the project have been created due to the increasing relevance of data availability as well as post-data use, and are intended to provide tailored and discipline-specific assistance with the involvement of the research community. The aim is to ensure traceability and comprehensibility in the re-use and to support researchers in empirical educational research through handouts and clear guidelines, taking into account legal requirements such as data protection or copyright.