About the Project

Domain Data Protocols for educational research in Germany

Within the joint project Domain Data Protocols for empirical educational research in Germany (DDP-Bildung), we develop standardized data protocols to ensure data quality and the re-use of research data.  

Accordingly, the goal of the project is to develop publicly accessible sample protocols for research data management that can be referenced. 

Domain Data Protocols (DDP) describe – related to the specific data type or the specific collection method – all relevant aspects of research data management. They cover quality, preparation and documentation of research data as well as the handling of legal requirements. The sample protocols are intended to support researchers in generating quality-assured and reusable data that meet the current requirements in terms of reproducibility, FAIRness and Open Science. Furthermore, DDPs contribute to making the process of applying for funding and the associated review and monitoring processes more efficient.

The Research Data Management Organizer (RDMO) is used to implement the DDPs. In addition, based on the DDPs, benchmark values for the costs of a sustainable and quality-assuring research data management are developed within a separate work package of the joint project.

The consortium of the joint project consists of 12 partner institutions.   

The DDP project started in June 2019 and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research until May 2022 (funding code 16QK01).